Tournament Central

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AZ3 runs two types of summer tournaments -- district only end-of-season tournaments, (called Special Games) and official tournaments as outlined in the Little League rule book. 

Our two special games tournaments are TOC (for the majors team from each league with the best regular season record) and TOPS (an introductory week-long tournament for players league ages 8 and 9). 

AZ3 plays official tournaments (commonly called All-Stars) in both baseball and softball. In 2021, AZ3 will crown champions and send to the state tournament teams from the following divisions: 8/9/10 baseball, 9/10/11 baseball, Little League baseball, Intermediate 50/70 baseball, Juniors baseball, 8/9/10 softball, 9/10/11 softball, and Little League softball. For 2021, AZ3 will not participate in the Seniors baseball, Juniors softball, and Seniors softball tournaments.